Ethereum World team on cruise ship

Cruise Ship

The Ethereum World team embarked on a journey across the seas, the Block-Hot cruise from ShangHai to Fukuoka and then back to ShangHai was the best starting point for the ETHMS roadshow to kick off its world-wide tour!


With 2500 crypto-maniacs taking part in this event, it was really the hottest place to be, apart from if you were on the top deck (where the wind really blew a cold gust.) Ethereum World CEO Mr. Daniel Adams and his team set sail on the Hot Block cruise eager to know what was to be unveiled。







On the first day the team set sail leaving ShangHai and saying goodbye to the land, joining at the opening ceremony where there were plenty of performances and lots of entertainment to keep the guests of the ship entertained.

The second and third day consisted of Mr. Adams and his team constructing plenty of meetings with the on board guests excited to know more about what ETHMS has to offer. On the fourth day Mr. Adams made a 30 minute presentation to around 700 guests on the cruise. He was welcomed very warmly as he appeared on stage. The crowd listened with intent. As his speech drew to a close he received a very nice round of applause from all listeners.




This was a great start for the Ethereum World team, on the final morning of the cruise, Mr. Adams and Mr. Chris Thompson, who is the Business Development Director for Ethereum World took part in a TV interview hosted by CCTV’s Guo XiaoFei. Then receiving an Outstanding Blockchain Corporate Award, Mr. Adams commented “ So much effort and hard work has come from my team on the cruise and also on the land, its been a fantastic trip and I can’t wait to share the ETHMS Roadshow with the rest of the world.”






Once the cruise had reached port in ShangHai the team then held a whole day of meetings in ShangHai, where over 800 guests took part in visiting and asking questions to the ETHMS team.