Who are We?

ETHMS is designed to be a platform that facilitates sharing and trading of Smart Contracts over the Ethereum Blockchain. Combining the concept of sharing economy, with the business model of an online marketplace, we aim to create a platform whereby people globally can trade, exchange or share smart contracts easily, and most importantly with trust and security.

To ensure the smooth transactions of smart contracts between users and remove any ambiguities in valuating these smart contracts, EthereumShares has developed a token: ETHMS to act as a mechanism for settlement between these transactions.

Why are we doing It?

From representing non-digital assets such as gold and real estate to financial instruments such as shares, mortgages and bonds to storing of information such as membership records, smart contract applications are limitless. Due to the immutability of blockchain technology, smart contracts enable any transactions to happen with less friction and more trust.

Instead of building a new blockchain for each type of application, Ethereum blockchain technology makes it possible to add several types of applications to one blockchain by using smart contracts. This will greatly accelerate the adoption of smart contracts by corporations, and increasingly by the public in the near future.

As usage of smart contracts increases with greater adoption, there will be an increasing desire from users looking to trade smart contracts, each of a different applicable nature, with one another. We see a need for a common ground to bridge these users together, enabling them to trade, exchange and share smart contracts.

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What is the Potential?

The potential of smart contracts is not fully apparent until we start thinking about the value creation when different smart contracts start interacting with one another. For example, there is an US buyer looking to purchase a property in Asia

Traditional Method

Buyer would need to convert US dollars to a local currency before paying for the property, followed by signing various documents to complete the transaction.

Smart Contract Method

Buyers holds a smart contract for ownership of US dollars, while seller holds the ownership of real estate in Asia. Through ETHMS’s marketplace, the parties can now create a third smart contract as an escrow, allowing purchase of the same property, but without all the cost and time required previously.

This is just one of the many potential transactions that can possibly happen with smart contracts trading. Your imagination is the limit, smart contracts trading can be extended to far beyond simple monetary transaction, and can include multiple parties at any one time.

Management Team

Daniel Adams Chief Executive Officer

Blockchain industry research expert, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and founder of Ethereum World.
He is committed to build an Ethereum ecosystem, to create greater value for the industry and all the users.

David O'Connor Chief Operations Officer

David is a senior professional with leadership experience in operations, finance and strategy across multiple sectors, industries and geographies including Middle East, Africa and Asia. David is passionate about driving digital transformation and innovative use of technology to support product distribution and operational efficiency. He is a well-rounded senior executive with experience in managing diverse teams of advisors and stakeholders to ensure successful project completion; defining and leading strategic transformation alongside Boards and executivecommittees; performing budgeting, planning and corporate governance roles; executing complex, cross boarder M&A and capital markets transactions.

Igor Popkov Chief Finance Officer

Igor has been investment bank economist responsible for coverage of European Union since 2014.
Prior to being a bank economist, Igor was in the oil industry for 6 years, mainly based in Russia, including working on strategy for in a range of commercial roles, including M&A, OFS contracting and investment analysis.
Igor started his career 10 years in the UK Treasury, including extended assignments at the ministries of finance of Russia, Iraq and Azerbaijan, and working in the office of the UK Prime Minister.

Chris Thompson Business Development Director

With more than 5 years of experience in the blockchain industry, he has worked in large-scale blockchain research institutions as Chief Consultant on blockchain trend analysis.
He is now Spear-heading business development aspects of Ethereum World.

Sanjiv Malholtra Chief Technical Officer

Sanjiv is a dynamic Leader with more than 5 years of leading Technology Services for the Asia Pacific, Middle-East, Russia and Africa regions where the company's driver is to enable our mission to improve the lives of many more people through improved access to quality telecommunications products. Focused in growing companies innovative strategies from spark to implementation within the Access, Server, CDN, VOIP, Cloud, SMS, OTT, SAAS, SAT, M2M, IoT, Web RTC, RCM, Apps, Mobile, Messaging, LTE, Peering, Lync, Telematics and NFC/Proximity communities. He is shaping alliances and collaborating deep-rooted next generation technological solutions. Sanjiv is an exceptional communicator with complex problem-solving abilities with strong negotiation skills: within cross platforms & cross devices.

Glad Tan Chief Informations Officer

Glad is Chief information officer (CIO) with over 15 years of experience in IT industry.
Glad held key account positions in several multinational companies covering operations of Information Systems, Business Processes, and Business Continuity Management system.
Glad has developed and implemented complex infrastructures and technical solutions for industry leaders. He has managed all IT and Information Security Breaches and Incidents with Risk and Quality.

Alfred Spanos Informations Systems Lead

Alfred has a decade of professional experience in software development. In addition to that, he is an author & a contributor of 13 published iOS and Android games.
For the past 4 years, he has been focusing on blockchain related projects & smart contracts.

Kevin Low Lead Informations Officer

Kevin has 3 years of experience in IT department.
He is an expert in IT strategy and demand management, digital transformation, customer oriented, IT governance, IT ser-vices delivery and infrastructure, projects, budget and investment management.
Kevin also leads contingency planning, business continuity management and IT disaster re-covery in conjunction with relevant stakeholders and third parties.

Eric Chew Informations Officer

Eric has over 5 years of experience as an Information Technology Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry.
He is responsible for IT architectural designs and manager of all 3rd line technical teams.
Eric provides analysis, advice and solutions for organisations that need to develop or improve their communication, data or software systems.

Simon Choi

Simon Choi is an international lawyer, qualified to practiselaw in England& Wales, and in Hong Kong,China. Simon graduated from the law schools' of Peking University, the University of London and the University of Hong Kong respectively.
Simon has advised more than 10 ICO projects globally and contributes to ethms.io by providing an in-depth knowledge of international law, as well as advising and reviewing new blockchain regulations in various jurisdictions.
With more than 25 years of experience in international trade, investment, finance, and M&A, he is an asset for ethms.ioensuring the highest degree of compliance and adherence to all relevant government policies towards blockchain technology.

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